SFMA Head Instructor

Master Michael Holmes

4th Degree Black Belt TKD

3rd Degree Black Belt Japanese JuJitsu

Certified Escrima Instructor

Nihon Certified in Muso Jikiden Hasigawa Eishin Ryu (Japanese Sword)

Sensei Mike started Martial Arts while at West Virginia University under Sensei Gene Thorner studying Shorin Ryu Karate. Once he moved to South Carolina he started training in Tae Kwon Do under Sensei Ed Tibor obtaining a 2nd Dan. After Sensei Tibor moved to Pa. Sensei Holmes continued training under Master Mike Wilson and Master Steven Clarke obtaining 3rd Dan in 2006 and in Feb. 2009 obtained his 4th Dan. He is Certified in Japanese Sword under Sensei Joe Morejon from Orlando, Fl. And is currently training in Philippine Combatives with Master Julius Melegrito from Bellevue, Nebraska.  


Sensei Jim Larsen

3rd Degree Black Belt TKD

Sensei Jim started in the Martial Arts in 2000 under Sensei Mike Holmes. He originally got involved because his son Michael was taking lessons and decided he would give it a try. He received his 1st Dan in 2005 and in November of 2006 received his 2nd Dan and an Instructors Certification. He is Certified in Japanese Sword under Sensei Joe Morejon from Orlando, FL.

Sensei Suzanna Tew

3rd Degree Black Belt TKD, 2nd Degree Jujitsu

Suzanna started her martial arts training in 2010 under Sensei Mike Holmes and currently holds a 3rd degree blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do and 2nd degree blackbelt in the art of JuJitsu.  She is certified by Master Julius Meligrito of the Philippine Martial Arts Alliance, as a 2nd level apprentice instructor in Philippine Combatives (Escrima & Knife) and is certified as Shoden level in Muso Jikiden Hasigawa Eishin Ryu (Japanese Sword) under Sensei Joe Morejon.

Sensei Rocky Lewis

2nd Degree Black Belt TKD, 1st Degree Jujitsu

Sensei Lewis studied under Grandmaster Stephen Clark, Shihan Mike Wilson, Sensei Ken Burk, and Sensei Mike Holmes of US Hido Kwan Association.He is currently a 2nd dan in TKD, 1st dan Jujitsu, and Nihon Certified in Muso Jikiden Hasigawa Eishin Ryu (Japanese Sword) under Sensei Joe Morejon.

Sensei Emil Popelka

2nd Degree Black Belt TKD

Emil started his martial arts career in 1985 while stationed in Korea with the U.S. Army.  His studies included Kung-Fu with emphasis in Northern Longfist Praying Mantis and Wing Chun.  A few months short of attaining his 2nd Degree, he returned to the United States in 1987 where he continued to study Kung Fu for a short period. He competed in several tournaments in New York and a National Open Martial Arts tournament in Florida.  Although he was out of the martial arts scene for a while, he maintained a high level of fitness in the Army, getting involved in kickboxing, competing in several bi-national events, and being certified as a master fitness trainer.  He resumed his martial arts career in 2013 in the US Hido Kwan Association, in Summerville, SC under Master Michael Holmes receiving his 1st Dan December 2014, and 2nd Dan January 2016. He continues to study Shaolin Kung Fu and Wing Chun and he has training in six different weapons with the staff being his weapon of choice.

Sensei Michelle Crosby

2nd Degree Black Belt TKD

In 1998, during her high school years, Michelle D. Crosby was a part of the World Taekwondo Association (WTA) organization where she studied Taekwondo under Sensei Terry and Jerry Wolfe, competed in several tournaments, and received a First Place Medal for the State Tournament.

During her early college years, Michelle continued to participate in Tae Kwon Do lessons and earned her brown belt. She participated in the college’s Shotokan Karate Club as well.

In 2008, she joined US Hido Kwan Association (USHKA) where she continues to study martial arts under Master M. Holmes, and has earned her 2nd dan black belt. She enjoys helping lead the demonstration team to make it a fun challenge for the members. She is certified Nihon in Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu under Sensei Joe Morejon.

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