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Finding the Right Dojo

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

With a plethora of choices in the Lowcountry, how do you know which dojo is a good fit for you and your family? At Summerville Family Martial Arts, you are encouraged to schedule a visit to see if SFMA is the right place for you! Training methods and instructional styles vary, so simply reviewing your choices on social media, Google reviews, or by visiting their websites shouldn’t be your only resort. Here are a few ways we suggest vetting your child’s (or your own) martial art training experience: 1. Instruction is a vital aspect. When you schedule a visit, you are scheduling time to not only assess the facility, the number of children trained, and the style of the training but you are also gaining an understanding of whether the instructor is a good fit! Ask yourself a few questions: Is the instructor communicative?

Is the instructor willing to answer your or your student’s questions?

Is the instructor providing a safe learning environment? Is the training under any national or international associations? This is an important

question not to overlook as the umbrella of an association helps you further research the martial art itself.

2. Respect. When you arrive at a dojo, you will get a sense of respect for the art almost instantaneously. A core tenet of karate is rooted in respect both given and received. When you enter, consider the following: Does the facility command respect for the institution of karate?

Does the training center require mutual respect among its students?

Do the instructors require a level of respect from their students?

3. Smiles! Are you seeing a sense of happiness or a variety of stressed out students? Maintaining core disciplines, such as respect and focus, are vital to training but so is the balance of having fun! You should see students that WANT to be there. Students that are engaged in their training.

4. Finally, do you see a progression of belt training? When you visit a dojo, be mindful of the various belts that are training in the facility. If you see a progression of various belt levels, this is a wonderful indicator of a dojo’s longevity and growth. If there is a high turnover, you may want to consider if the dojo is truly pouring into its art and its students. An established facility will have a variety of new, intermediate, and advanced students. Whether you seek training for your child, your family, or yourself, we firmly believe you will find a balanced approach in the wholesome environment at Summerville Family Martial Arts. We would love to talk with you about your goals! Feel free to call or email us: 843-821-0922,

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