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Online Classes offered

Starting in April, we will be offering introductory and non-combative classes using video teleconferencing. These are the same classes taught at the dojo, but we will be offering them through virtual learning for those students who have a desire to train using this format.

*** Movement: Stretching and flexibility ***

- This class is designed for adults who would like to be more flexible and increase their stability. Each session is a combination of low stress movements for each joint, along with a series of movement forms similar to tai chi. You can join this class whether you are enrolled in martial arts or not, and get personalized interaction in the privacy of your home.

*** Karate Basics ***

Adult and Kids classes

All of our karate classes start with the basics. It is only after you have become proficient in technique that you will be paired with another person to test your skills.

How we do things in our dojo.

A traditional martial artist knows that it is not practice that makes perfect, but perfect practice which leads to perfection.

For the beginner our motto is: Smooth is fast, fast not yet.

It is easy to throw an impressive looking punch or kick when you move fast, but if your form is not correct you are likely to break one of your bones, and that is not as effective as landing solid technique against a target.

Our emphasis is first on form, followed by function, and then on being fast. The association through which all of our credentialing occurs is made up of senior black belts, many of which also have a military background. They are the final authority on whether or not you have achieved an appropriate level of proficiency. It is our responsibility to train all of our students to meet those requirements. While we understand that there are other programs in the area that will promote every student regardless of skill, our policy is to work directly with each student to ensure that the skills are not just taught, but learned by each student.

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