SFMA Head Instructor

Sempi Curt Richards

3rd Degree Black Belt Karate

Sempi Curt started Martial Arts training in the order of Isshinryu from 2000, and began instruction under Soke Collins in 2007.  


Soke Darrell Collins

10th Dan Black Belt Karate

Soke / Kaicho - Shaolin Si Tie Chuan Fa / Nippon Shinshin Ryu - Kokusai Shinshin Bugei Renmei. Soke Collins instructs the black belt level classes.

Timm Kitts

Instructor MMA, grappling, kickboxing

Timm Kitts began his training in high school, when former Olympic boxer and Biology teacher Mr. Gaylon Humphrey, turned a handful of students into the first Boxing team in Union County,TN. Senior year, he added training under Sifu Leroy Kautz. He then went on to compete and win several local "King of the Hill" and "Toughman" contests. These championships qualified him for training with Catchwrestling based MMA training Mark Hatmaker and his assistant, Kory Hays. Kitts has also trained with Alonzo Butler, "Judge" and Bernard Taylor at the Knoxville Golden Gloves Boxing gym, and attained a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from Pedro Brandao. He has competed in and coached amateur and professional Mixed Martial Arts.scription here

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